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We believe in the power of prayer — to unite, to comfort, to inspire. No matter what your challenge, we are happy to pray with you and for you.

To request a prayer please call either:

  • Pastor Marty Ericson: 651-646-7127, x202
  • Carol Kelsey: 651-645-7112 (H)
  • Parish Administrator: 651-646-7127, x200

You can request to be included in the public prayers of the church in worship and/or prayed for privately by the Prayer Chain. If you do not specify you will be placed on both. Prayer requests may be kept confidential by calling the pastor.



CONTACT: The Pastor or Carol Kelsey


  • Confidential requests will not be put on the Prayer Chain. Please relay these directly to the Pastor. If in doubt, do not put it on the Prayer Chain.
  • The requestor needs to check with the person for whom a request is made. Ask the person if they would like to have a prayer for him/her put on the Prayer Chain.

PRAYER SHAWLS are available for comfort and support of those who are hospitalized, homebound, or just going through difficult times. Please take a shawl from the basket in the front of the sanctuary.


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